Playing Rules

  • Once you have signed up on with your advanced player profile, and scheduled your time slot at your chosen facility, your participating venue will give you 5 innings or 15 outs to complete your metrics determining your benchmark totals.
  • Your One Nation Baseball Membership I.D. number will be the way your results are tracked on the One Nation website,
  • HitTrax will be used to measure all batting metrics.
  • Each player will compete as an individual.  Athletes will be competing against each other nationally within their age group.
  • There are 4 offensive categories for scoring.
    • 1- Runs scored.
    • 2- Your Best Exit Velo.
    • 3- Your farthest Distance hit.
    • 4- Batting Average for that round.
  • Scoring is based on where the athlete finishes in each category.
    • #10 - Score 1Pts.
    • #9 - Score 2 Pts
    • #8 - Score 3 Pts
    • #7 - Score 4 pts
    • #6 - Score 5 Pts
    • #5 - Score 6 pts
    • #4 - Score 7pts
    • #3 - Score 8pts
    • #2 - Score 9pts
    • #1 - Score 10pts
  • The score for all 4 categories will be added up to determine total points. Finishers in the top 10 total points in each age group will advance to the next round. For ties, divide points from tied positions {Example: A tie for 4th place. Add the points for 4th and 5th place and divide them equally.  Each player would receive 6.5 points).
  • Minimal mph will be set at the facility through their HitTrax machine.
  • Round 1 - Qualifying round.
    • Date: Christmas break - Dec 20 thru Jan 1st.
    • Cost: Contact your local facility for entry fee information.
      • Participants may attempt multiple entrees only in Round 1.
        • There is an additional fee per attempt.
      •  Top (10) participants at each age group will advance to Round 2.
    • Results will be posted on and all social media outlets.  
  • Round 2 - Semi Finals
    • Date: MLK day - Jan 17th.
      • Metrics are reset for each participant.
      • Round 2 will advance the top (3) participants at each age group.
      • No additional attempts accepted.
    • Results will be posted on and all social media outlets.
  • Round 3 - Finals
    • Date: President’s Day - February 21st.
      • Metrics are reset for each participant.
      • Overall Winner for each age group will be decided in the Final Round.
    • Results will be posted on and all social media outlets.



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